Water Analysis


Maria’s water source is municipal water from a neighboring township. She maintains records of the Water Quality reports sent to her on a yearly basis, but decides to send in a sample to a commercial analytical lab, MDS Harris, in Lincoln, Nebraska since her last report is more than eight months old. To complete the sample submission, Maria must fill out an information form and decide what tests she would like performed. She decides on “Irrigation Suitability”, and key results from these analyses are stated below. These results were faxed to her three days after submitting the sample.

A helpful guide to interpreting results from a water analysis:
Iowa State University Commercial Horticulture Guide: Irrigation Water Quality for Container-grown Plants
By Brian Whipkery Commercial Horticulture Guide

Mineral Analysis ppm
B 0.16
Ca 40.4
Cl 59
Fe 0.3
Mg 5.4
Mn 0.01
PO4 0.01
K 3.1
Na 47
SO4 32


Other Analysis  
Electrical Conductivity (EC) 0.42 mmhos/cm
Cations 4.6 meq/L
pH 7.4
Bicarbonates 120 ppm
Nitrate-Nitrogen 0.05 ppm




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