High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

High tunnels and season extension allow farmers to increase the availability of their crops beyond the traditional outdoor growing season. Premium prices and an extended income stream are some of the advantages farmers pursue with season extension techniques. High tunnel production has increased rapidly in recent years due to increased crop quality, productivity and their demonstrated ability to extended growing season profitably. High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques discusses the types of structures, special considerations for high tunnel production (cultivar selection and variety trials, fertility management, pest management, water management, temperature management, marketing and economics), storing crops, and provides anecdotes of farmers who use season extension techniques successfully. High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques provides a good basis for getting started and provides brief explanations for all the necessities of starting a high tunnel or season extension technique. This topic brief is a companion to the online topic room, High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques, which includes more in-depth information to help explore and implement season extension strategies.

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This brief is originally published here: http://www.sare.org/Learning-Center/Topic-Rooms/Topic-Briefs/High-Tunnels-and-Other-Season-Extension-Techniques



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The listserv is a great place to learn what growers are doing with high tunnels, what crops and varieties do best, and what practices have been successful on local farms.

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