Forcing Muscari for Early Sales

This presentation is on forcing Grape Hyacinths for early spring sales. The general methods can be used by those who want to force small pots for the home as well as those with commercial interest.

In the past five years, sales of forced grape hyacinths have doubled reflecting the growing interest in flowering bulbs by consumers. As design trends  emphasize blocks of color, the forced pots are now larger and contain more bulbs than in the past.

Many small-scale growers are not aware of the ease of forcing grape hyacinths for early spring. They are the easiest of the small bulbs to force. Although bunched Muscari are available at the larger wholesale flower markets in the United States, and are available year around from Holland, wholesale florists may not make them available to the local florists. Small pots of Muscari sometimes are available through the big box stores, but quality may be low.

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Forcing Muscari for Early Sales



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