Nutrient Management Considerations

USDA Cover Crop Chart

USDA Cover Crop Chart

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD COVER CROP CHART The Cover Crop Chart (v. 2.1) is designed to assist producers with decisions on the use of cover crops in crop and forage production systems. The chart, patterned after the periodic table of elements, includes information on 58 crop species

Saline Soils and Plant Growth

Soluble salts can accumulate when the application of inorganic or organic fertilizers to soils is accompanied by dry conditions, irrigation water high in soluble salts is used and/or the amount of water received at a site is inadequate to flush salts from the root zone. The result

Dealing with High Soluble Salt Levels in High Tunnels

Some growers have expressed concern about soil test analysis revealing abnormally high soluble salt levels in the soils of their high tunnels. We have seen soluble salt levels increase in the high tunnels at Penn State’s High Tunnel Research and Education Facility, regardless of whether inorganic or

Water, Soil and Fertility Management in Organic High Tunnels

Introduction/Summary: Regenerative and sustainable soil and water management for intensive crop production in protected cultivation is a key to farm profitability and crop quality. The integrated management of physical, chemical and biological components of soil can minimize the need for off farm resources and interventions with potentially

Organic High Tunnel Nutrient Management

Presentation by Vern Grubinger:  

Organic High Tunnel Fertility Research

The following powerpoint was presented by University of Minnesota Extension professor, Terry Nennich at the 2009 Minnesota Statewide High Tunnel Conference in Alexandria, MN on Dec. 2-3, 2009. Organic High Tunnel Fertility Research from University of Minnesota-Horticulture

Using Organic Nutrient Sources

When using organic nutrient sources—for example, compost, manure, green manures, meals, and so forth—recommendations for crop nutrient needs will need to be translated. Soil test reports do not give specific recommendations for using organic fertilizers/amendments. This is because the percentage and availability of plant nutrients in such

Soil Management in High Tunnels

Soil Management in High Tunnels

The 2010 Farmer to Farmer Conference at Point Lookout in Northport, Maine, featured a session on managing soils in high tunnels. Speakers were Vern Grubinger, University of Vermont vegetable and berry specialist; Bruce Hoskins of the University of Maine Diagnostic Lab; and Paul Volckhausen, who, with his



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The listserv is a great place to learn what growers are doing with high tunnels, what crops and varieties do best, and what practices have been successful on local farms.

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