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Want to know more about crop biostimulants, especially their use in sustainable-organic vegetable production?

Growers and others can find out more about these popular but often confusing products. This website is setup as a hub for biostimulant/biofertilizer information, events, and farmer-focused research. Register to participate in call-in conversations with experts, join the biostim/biofert listserv, browse online resources, and submit a question to an extension-research team. All that can be done at the website and more will be possible later.

Microbe-containing biostimulants/biofertilizers are promising but often misunderstood or misused inputs. Expected to enhance crop growth or tolerance to environmental stress, these products are numerous, available from many companies, and often complex in their composition. Many contain a minimal label to guide their use, which should be approached carefully. Worse, independent and reliable information describing product efficacy is rare. 

Despite this, biostims/bioferts containing microbes are used by manygrowers. 

Please contact Matt Kleinhenz of Ohio State Univ. (kleinhenz.1@osu.edu) for more information about the website and resources.



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The listserv is a great place to learn what growers are doing with high tunnels, what crops and varieties do best, and what practices have been successful on local farms.

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