National Contacts

Below is a list of Extension Specialists and Researchers involved in high tunnel production nationwide. The goal of this page is to provide contact information for regional experts in high tunnels to growers and others interested in high tunnel production. If you are interested in being added to this list, contact

Steve Bogash, Regional Horticulture Educator
Penn State Extension

Ted Blomgren, Extension Associate
Cornell University

Tim Coolong, Associate Extension Professor, Vegetable Crops
University of Kentucky

Sanjun Gu, Extension Horticulture Specialist,
North Carolina A&T University
(336) 285-4954

Laurie Hodges, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lewis Jett, Extension Specialist – Commercial Horticulture Expert
West Virginia University

Matt Kleinhenz, Associate Professor, Extension Vegetable Specialist
The Ohio State University

Frank Louws, Professor and Extension Specialist
North Carolina State University

Carol Miles, Vegetable Extension Specialist
Washington State University

Adam Montri, Hoophouse Outreach Specialist
Michigan State University

Steve Moore, Lecturer – Environmental Studies
Elon University

Ajay Nair, Department of Horticulture Faculty
Iowa State University

Terrance Nennich, Extension Professor
University of Minnesota

James Quinn, Horticulture Specialist, Cole County, East Central Region
University of Missouri Extension

Jack Rabin,
Rutgers University Cooperative Extension

Judson Reid, Extension Vegetable Specialist
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Cary Rivard, Extension Specialist
Kansas State University

Elsa Sanchez, Associate Professor of Horticultural Systems Management
Penn State

Annette Wszelaki, Vegetable Extension Specialist
The University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Xin Zhao, Assistant Professor
University of Florida



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The listserv is a great place to learn what growers are doing with high tunnels, what crops and varieties do best, and what practices have been successful on local farms.

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